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Massachusetts has begun to take the next step for reduction in food waste. When the state saw the alarming statistic that Massachusetts throws away almost one million tons of food waste every year, they knew something had to be done. Starting November 2022, they have decided if a business produces “…more than half a ton of food waste per week cannot send it to landfills or incinerators”. Justin Housman, co-founder of Fancypants, combats food waste in a variety of ways, including donating, discounting, and utilizing an anaerobic digester. Although these anaerobic digesters have not been popular in the past, they have gained recent popularity to help mitigate climate change. These digesters use manure from local cows to convert the harmful emissions into energy. The article goes through the possible failures and critics of the digester, but also how it can help alleviate food waste and mitigate the environmental impact. This article opened my eyes to the abundance of ways that businesses can combat food waste.