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To celebrate the UN’s International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction, Sodexo has launched their food waste reduction figures that fall between fiscal year September 2022 and August 2023. Said numbers account to over 1 million meals, and key figureheads at the European branches of the company hope to achieve net zero food waste by 2040. This progress however, introduces confidence towards halving food waste by 50% by 2025.

Being a leading food-service provider at establishments across the globe, including University of Mary Washington’s dining services, seeing their commitment to food waste reduction is purely reassuring. Their recent initiatives, such as Appetite for Action, along with these impressive numbers, further display this importance. I look forward to seeing their continued dedication, and hope to see a trickle-effect into more U.S. branches of Sodexo.

Barker, M. (2023, September 29). Sodexo unveils food waste reduction figures. Fruitnet.