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Pope Francis commented on recent efforts of a U.N. agency to end  a worldwide “scourge of food loss and waste,” detailing that said waste has led to “the de-naturalization of the value of food, reducing it to a mere commodity to be exchanged.” The Pope speaks to highlight the spiritual basis of food and the need for proper management and ethical behavior. Wasting in turn takes away from those hands who lack it, and, as he highlights, fails to “value the sacrifice, labor, transport, and energy costs involved in bringing quality food to the table.” This open-letter was addressed in conjunction with 2023’s International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, an annually occurring event since 2020.

Having such a prominent figure promote food waste visibility is important for the education of food waste and encouraging the urgency of federal jurisdictions prioritizing actions to move ahead with food waste reduction innovations. Widespread conversation will only continue to encourage legislation and consumer awareness.

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