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The article, French Restaurant Adding 5 Euro To Bill If You Don’t Eat All Your Food, is about two Pan-Asian style buffets. These buffets are located in Brittany, France. The owners have added 5 euro to every plate of food wasted to raise awareness of food waste within restaurants. The owners said they have added the fee only 9 times within the past several months. They did not add it as a means of getting rich, but to encourage less obvious and negligent food waste. The servers inform customers before their meal so they are well aware, and the customers have been very accepting and supportive of these added fees. The restaurants have been trying to spread awareness of food waste, and self reflecting on their own habits. They have emphasized food safety and putting away food in more proper ways, and making the buffet trays smaller to avoid in house waste. The owners goal is to have an Eco-friendly restaurant and spread awareness of food wastes.