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Navigating the realm of food storage can be a topic of debate, with varying opinions on the best practices. However, employing proper storage techniques can notably enhance the freshness of certain food items. Lucy Bennett, a team member at the food-saving app Too Good To Go, emphasizes that correct food storage stands as a simple yet powerful way to combat food waste. In their efforts to understand consumer habits, they observed how people stored various food items. Surprisingly, Ketchup, often found in pantries by 52% of respondents, should actually be stored in the fridge for optimal freshness. Similarly, potatoes are best kept in the pantry or housed in a brown paper bag on the counter, away from onions. Another unexpected report is that sliced bread retains its freshness better when stored in the refrigerator. These examples show the importance of appropriate food storage. Bennett advocates for the correct storage of foods as a means to extend their shelf life and ultimately contribute to the reduction of food waste.

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