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People today are struggling to afford a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Even with people having a difficult time getting all the fruits and vegetables that are needed for them to have a healthy lifestyle, households in the UK are wasting 68kg of fruits and vegetables every year. Studies in the UK have found that people who grow their own food in their gardens or allotments waste only 3.4kg every year which is 95% lower than the UK average. If cities would just utilize 10% of the space for food cultivation, then it could feed 15% of the city’s population. A study of 197 households showed that people who bought food from supermarkets would have the greatest amount of food waste, while households that grew their own would have the least amount of waste. Those households would also consume 70% more fruits and vegetables than the national average. Allotments in the UK have decreased by 60% since 1950 which makes it more difficult for people in poorer areas to get the fruits and vegetables they need. There is also the issue of people not having enough time or space to take care of their own gardens. If people have the time and space to grow their own food, then they should take advantage.

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