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The article, Reducing Food Waste through AI-Powered Food Management Platforms, talks about an app that’ll help cafeterias not have estimates without enough information and food services in general.  This will help them know what to expect demand-wise, what amount of students come at certain times, and what foods they like. Rajesh Sinah who is the founder and chairman of Fulcrum Digital wanted to create this because of the exponential amount of food waste and food insecurity. He wants to focus more on eliminating food waste and figuring out food demands for food services to alleviate some of the problems we have because it’s not something focused on enough. Rajesh says that this will help us predict how much food to get, what people actually eat, and keep an eye on expiration dates so they don’t miss it.


Reducing Food Waste through AI-Powered Food Management Platforms: By Rajesh Sinha, Founder and Chairman, Fulcrum Digital – CIO News