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Restaurants are understanding the impacts of food waste, and are trying to find ways to reduce food waste. In the article, Tech to Trash Can- How Technology is redefining Food Waste,  author Bo Davis explains how technology is helping restaurants reduce food waste. Davis explains that a key part of food production is preparation and portioning, and how even an ounce extra for each entree can add up very quickly. He explains the importance of keeping up with inventory, and how monitoring the different levels of inventory can significantly reduce wastes. The technology within the article is Restaurant Management Systems (RMS). RMS can be used to calculate food usage as well as hypothetical food usage, allowing restaurants to include food waste in the calculations to identify the factors contributing to wastes. RMS can record raw waste (ingredients)  and completed waste (entrees). The goal of RMS is to reduce food waste which will help restaurants increase profits and promote long-term sustainability.