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It has been found that one third of all food produced in the world goes to waste each year and would result in the amount of 2.5 billion tons. Food waste results in an environmental issue by releasing methane and other greenhouse gases. It also results in a $940 billion hit to businesses and households. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is trying to combat food waste and one of these ways is their food banks program that they created in 2017. These food banks will collect food from restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets to help reach people that are struggling to get enough food to survive. The UAE has also invested in agriculture practices like hydroponics and vertical farming to combat food waste and help promote proper water and land use. They have also implemented strict food safety regulations to make sure people are storing and handling their food better. They have also gone to technology to help them fight food waste by creating smart phone apps to help consumers handle food inventory and help give them ideas on how to utilize surplus food instead of wasting it. The UAE wants to improve food distribution channels and help create campaigns to help spread the awareness of food waste. They believe that all countries need to help spread the word on food waste and solutions to help fix this growing problem.

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